Phil Ohren | NAB’s Valentines Breakup – A Strategy That Goes All Out
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NAB’s Valentines Breakup – A Strategy That Goes All Out

NAB’s Valentines Breakup – A Strategy That Goes All Out

The Bank-banter escalates & “stealing” customers is now in fashion. NAB announces it’s relationship break-up from the major Australian Banks on Valentine’s day using variety of media types. Is this the most daring campaign of 2011? Well, I certainly like it.

Before we go any further, here’s their Breakup Video:

No doubt NAB have spent a while planning this break-up / campaign, & from a non-Australian looking in, the break-up feels very informal & almost human-like with lines such as:

It’s true.
We’ve just broken up with CommBank, ANZ and Westpac and it’s still a little raw.
Honestly, we just grew apart and have nothing in common with them anymore.
So if you speak to any of them in the next couple of days try to be a bit
gentle with them.

Childish approach? My mother has always said “publically bad-mouthing competition is the lowest of the low” – which is generally true & since coming to Australia I’ve noticed that companies & even politicians aren’t afraid to slag one another off – I still don’t understand why, but I guess that’s just the way it is here. But in this particular case, I think it’s great to see one bank stand-up to the rest & if they can steal a few customers in the process then why not?

Multi Platform Integration

I love it when brands integrate their campaigns. Here, I think NAB have done exceptionally well, even Paid Search gets a look-in! Here are a few of the other messages spotted by myself, @JessNichols & @william_simmons:

Nab Breakup Graffiti on Pavement

NAB Breakup Graffiti on Pavement

NAB Building in Melbourne

NABs Valentines Break-up Songs -

Paid Search Creative Integrates the Break-up

NAB executes a strategy that has clearly been thought-out & in doing so they deliver a message with a bit of personality – NAB aren’t afraid to break the mould & will happily shout about it. I love it when brands get personal & from what I can see so far NAB have used a wide range of media to facilitate their message including; Outdoor, Direct, Display, Social Media (YouTube / FB & Twitter), Search & even street graffiti! – Kudos to NAB.

I wonder how much of this is down to NAB themselves rather than their agency? Any thoughts?

  • OscarN
    Posted at 01:26h, 15 February Reply

    And it all started with a tweet –!/nab/status/35997479182798848

    Apparently the campaign, right down to producing the relationship advice YouTube video with Zoe Foster, was executed internally by NAB’s SoMe team (not sure who handled the outdoor though). Pretty impressive effort and evidence that an agency isn’t necessarily required to coordinate a complex campaign roll-out.

    • Phill
      Posted at 09:29h, 17 February Reply

      Hey Oscar, thanks for providing the Tweet – pretty laid back isn’t it?

      Fully agree, talent & execution on this scale can sometimes only be found clientside.

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