Phil Ohren | Lets make advertising useful.
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I’m Phil, your new growth advisor

Together we’ll research, experiment and develop a growth strategy that transforms your business.

Clients typically ask: What kind of advertising delivers growth?

I tell them, useful advertising.

My vision is to make advertising a utility. People don’t like ads, right? I want to help you to find and engage customers on their terms. In a way that isn’t interruptive, pushy or self-centered. Earning you real engagement, better conversion rates and higher quality customers.

For me, effective growth marketing is made up of the following:

Consumer understanding0%
Data collection0%
Fulfillment of needs0%
Business adaptation 0%

Over 12 years experience spanning digital marketing, media & strategy.

I am never late and I am always very punctual with my deadlines.

I have worked for 3 years as a high quality support agent for various clients in multiple languages.

Available by the hour as well as for long-term or on-going projects.


Global brand’s I’ve consulted. Ranging from Automotive, FMCG, Financial & Direct Responce.


I am ready to move to your company’s city if needed.


Awards won. Including 2 MFA’s as well as B&T’s 30 under 30 3 times


I’m looking to learn new technology. My interests are in web development, databases, & mobile apps.


Latest posts and opinion pieces across strategy, marketing & digital.

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Phillip Ohren
@philohrenMar 12
@mcannonbrookes May the force be with you.
Phillip Ohren
@philohrenMar 12
RT @GameOfThrones: SEVEN HELLS! @SophieT & @Maisie_Williams surprised lucky #GoT fans at #HBOTheEscape at #SXSW.
Phillip Ohren
@philohrenMar 12
@servantofchaos Oh lordy. I hope they have a decent vision for it - something like 'be the Wikipedia of Australia' would be nic..

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