I’ve been super busy over the last 12 months having my 2nd business baby – Intender. A performance marketing agency.

The vision for Intender is simple – to make advertising useful, not annoying.

For years now, I’ve been fed up with reach focused advertising. I think many would agree that it does more harm than good.

So the question was; why isn’t anyone focusing on people in-funnel? Where people have actively expressed their needs, wants and desires in a way that invites interactions from brands.

This is where Intender aims to play.

Intender is an agency that aims to reach people when they are actively interested in a product or service.

In 1.5 years, Intender has gone from a 2 person team to 14. All of which are based in Noosa or remote.

We’ve picked up some fantastic clients along the way, including; Youi, Hallmark, EnergyAustralia & heaps more.

We’re now focused heavily on developing technology that will help map out the consumer journey for brands with an intent-first view.