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I've always been an advocate of digital integration. Mainly because I hate seeing marketing departments that work with different channels not working together to leverage the best results. About 1 month ago, I was thinking about how at present there is no connection between traditional Display Advertising & Social Media outside of Facebook. I came up with this, the socially integrated banner advert. This version uses the standard "Like" button with Faces shown:
This version uses the "Recommend" button instead:
The idea is pretty simple. Imagine viewing a banner advert that actually showed the Social Popularity of the product that is being advertised. Advertisers will not only get brand awareness but will also be able to grow their Social channel at the same time. All that needs to be done to link these pieces of inventory is for the ad server to dynamically populate the Facebook like button with the advertisers URL. So why hasn't anybody done it yet? Hell even Facebook could of developed their own ad serving network.