Funny: Cold-Call Web Developer Email

I got this through not even 20 minutes ago. Pretty amusing. Smith, boy do I wish I owned that domain…. Seriously, guy’s if you are going to market yourself or your company using use EDM’s / Spam read your freaking templates.

Hope you are well.
I am Smith, Website Development Manager,

I was surfing through site from your domain and came across yours URL: .Have been observing various changes in trends in the Industry and the types of sites other players in your domain are using.

The field has grown since you last updated your website as per available records in Domain tools. There are a lot more advanced and user friendly websites
Which appeal to the consumer?

A website determines the brand of a firm in the online world.

Do let me know if you are willing to discuss a possible redesigning/redevelopment of your (Client) website and I will be happy to explain in greater details.

If you are an online firm then you can outsource you WDD/SEO/LKB Project with me.
Let me know if you would like me to mail you more details or schedule a call. We’ll be pleased to serve you.

I look forward to your mail.

Kind Regards
Website Development Manager,

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