A Post for Morgan

phillip ohren & Morgan Farrell

You may already know I’m from the UK. But what you probably didn’t know was how I came to be in Australia. Well its all down to one special lady, Morgan Farrell.

Morgs is my lovely lady friend of 2 years. I met hear just after she’d planned to leave for Australia. Her intention has always been to live here for good and to live life to the full. A dream I admire very much. Knowing she’d be leaving soon, I quickly realised how dear to me she was. And so I decided I’d take the leap and quit my job as SEO manager in Birmingham and head down-under!

After a spot of travelling, now we are both working hard in Sydney to build our careers, home and future together. We also try to see as much of this wonderland as humanly possible whilst in full time work.

What’s great about Morgs is her caring nature, positive attitude, determination to succeed and her faith in me in general. People who know is both well might she say the opposite of me. They’re probably right in many cases. 🙂

Anyway, this one’s for you Morgs! Love you to bits x