Earned Media Brand or Funded Content? Cheeky Nando’s by The Peri Boyz’

It’s been three months since the world was left wondering WTF a Cheeky Nandos was. Not only does this video showcase a ‘Cheeky Nandos‘ at its best,  I’m also pretty sure that ‘Cheeky Nando’s by The Peri Boyz’ is one best pieces of silently funded brand content to go viral this year.

Yeah, it’s a bit lad-ish. But, the production quality naturally suggested that a decent budget was been behind it.

It ‘s already clocked 50K shares and 3,000,000 views on Facebook and 60,000 on YouTube.

If this was a piece of native content from Nandos then it’s quite smart. It reaches and acknowledges a niche audience with alienating the masses.

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