Link Building in a Post Penguin 2.0 World [Presentation]

Taken from my recent talk at SMX Sydney 2013. This presentation discusses how SEOs should be thinking in a post Penguin world. How do you build penguin friendly links?

Even with the still fresh release of Penguin 2.0 this information is still 100% relevant. Why? Because building organic & meaningful relationships is the key recommendation. Nothing is safer in a post-penguin world than a natural relationship.

So… How do you build “Links & Relationships in a Post Penguin World?”


Summary: Link Building Post-Penguin

Today, the objective is not to build <a> tags. Instead, it is more so to build genuine relationships. Int his presentation we cover the evolution of the Penguin update, How Google Penguin works, How to build links moving forward and finally details used Penguin friendly tools.

Key Takeaways: Link Building Post Penguin.

‘The objective is not to make your links appear natural;’ ‘The objective is that your links are natural.’ – Matt Cutts

  1. Build real relationships!
  2. Manage your link profile monthly
  3. Focus on engaging influencers
  4. Rethink your content strategy, go for value.
  5. Don’t stress about new links. Be natural.
  6. Integrate with wider media activity.

License CC Attribution:
This work can be shared however under Creative Commons Licensing, please credit SMX Sydney & Phillip Ohren ( OR Mindshare).


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