What to do when you lose your wallet. Run a PPC campaign.

Loosing a wallet right up there as one of the worst #firstworldproblems.

Unfortunately, this has recently happened to my close friend and PPC expert Hadrien Brassens whilst visiting home in France.

In an extraordinary attempt to get his wallet back, Hadrien has created his own PPC campaign targeted at France. Where he is bidding on his name and then directing users to a simple contact page.

Lost Wallet – AdWords Campaign used to help a good samaritan get in touch.

Snext time you loose your wallet, think about creating a paid search AdQords campaign to help it get back to you.

Again this points out just how nimble, powerful & creative a Paid Search campaign can be. With Geo-location improving almost every year, we can now targets searchers within a given city.

Best of luck Hadro!

Hadrien had his wallet returned! Fantastic news.

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